Mission Possible: SingleHop Opps

In a previous post I alluded to a recent victory our data center technicians and development team captured. Now maybe I've been watching too much March Madness, but this was an absolutely unbelievable accomplishment by some of the hardest working guys in the industry. I am very grateful that our Director of Facilities alerted the entire company about this big win! I think it's extremely important for a rapidly growing company to acknowledge those who excel especially when it is the product of amazing teamwork too!

The challenge came in Wednesday afternoon last week when a client put in an order for 100 servers. Now if you are a SingleHop customer you know we pride ourselves on accurate and extremely efficient installs and if you're not a client, you do now. Our highly automated infrastructure allows us to deploy virtual machines in under 20 minutes and dedicated servers within 61 minutes. However, a 100 server order is something a little different. In a previous post I mentioned the industrial side of this industry that very few people get to see. They choose a server, they may customize that server to their liking but either way, once they click ‘deploy’ it's like magic! By the end of the story you'll understand that it's not magic at all it's just good old-fashioned hard work and industry-leading automation.

Once the order for 100 servers came in our data center operations team went into swift action. The first phase was making sure there was the appropriate amount of cab space ready ahead of time. A huge thanks goes out to Nick and Vladi who not only came in early but stayed late too. By Thursday morning Jeff and Matt were able to have all servers audited, reserved, and ready for installation!

While this was going on Joe was working with our client’s developer to make sure he was able to get the image complete and ready for deployment. Again, this is where the industrial side really comes into play. We're talking about real moving parts and mandatory team coordination in order to get the job done correctly. The installation and QA continued through Thursday night and into Friday morning and because of that we were able to finish ahead of schedule by several hours.

So to our team of data center operations, you guys are truly all-stars! A huge congrats goes out to Nick, Brian, Alex, Joe, Jeff, and Dave for a job well done! Thanks are also very much deserved for the rest of our System Administrator and DC Operations staff whom ensured our other existing and new clients received the support and attention they deserved while this massive deployment was underway.