Say Hello to Release 3.2.1

SingleHop is an ever evolving platform. One part of this evolution includes the upgrades we make to the system whether we are updating LEAP or streamlining processes on the backend. Some of the changes come from internal sources, while others come from our customers. We take both kinds equally seriously. Our method involves recreating the problem in a closed environment, understanding it thoroughly, rolling up a solution, then performing intensive testing so that the solution solves the original problem and works with the entire SingleHop ecosystem.

With our new release we have three major customer facing enhancements:

  • Snapshot Manager for Public Cloud in LEAP3
  • Localized Cascade Images
  • Significant Speed Increases to LEAP3

Along with the above our development team has been hard at work increasing the efficiency of our platform, streamlining the code to squeeze every ounce of performance.

Snapshot Manager

Before we begin, we should probably discuss Template Manager. Template Manager is not going anywhere. Both Template and Snapshot Manager have their niche uses. Template Manager creates a perfect image for archival reasons. However, what if you want a quick moment in time of your environment for speedy backups, like saving your video game for a quick restore if you do something wrong? That is where Snapshot Manager comes in.

With the inclusion of Snapshots with our Public Cloud offering, customers can take a quick snapshot, a moment in time if you will, for quick restorations. Generally, these snapshots are used for a day or so and then discarded. Rest assured we are coming up with best practices with our snapshot documentation so you know how best to use this new feature.

Localized Cascade Images

Prior to this update, images for cascade were not being distributed across all data centers. Now this is fine for most uses, but as customer needs advance so to must the platform. For example, some clients found that restoring an image to the Amsterdam Data Center from Chicago took added time. By localizing the images, those who use Cascade in multiple data centers will see improvements with image restore times.

Significant Speed Increases to LEAP3

This is an ongoing process, but it does hold significance in that even if you are not interested in the Public Cloud Snapshot Manager, or Cascade Images, or even improved security, you will still see a difference in the day to day operations of LEAP3.


And there you have it. The latest version adds a little something for everyone and demonstrators our commitment to you our customers and our constant strive for excellence. Check out your LEAP control panel for the full details.