Start your own Cloud Hosting Business- Resell the Cloud Now!

Technological evolution comes about through a combination of time, experience, and a dedication to continually optimize and innovate. Technological revolutions, on the other hand, generally only come to fruition when one or more great ideas are used in sync to create something that is more powerful as a single unit than the individual pieces that make it up.

Today SingleHop announced a technological revolution. We combined two exceptional products, LEAP and Tandem, with the bleeding-edge technology of our newest product, Cascade platform, to offer for the first time in the industry- a Cloud Reselling solution.

While cloud technology is prevalent throughout the hosting industry, the ability to seamlessly resell it has been, until now, sorely missing. As Zak our CEO mentioned earlier this week, the "adoption of cloud computing technologies by hosting providers has not yet hit a tipping point, because we feel hosting companies haven't had the necessary components to easily bring a product to market". And so, not content with the status quo we went combined the power of our top technologies with the Cascade cloud hosting platform to allow anyone to resell the cloud.

Our cloud reselling technology, Cascade platform, is extremely simple and intuitive technology. It allows you to "cloud" your server so ultimate scalability and redundancy can be achieved. Then with our powerful LEAP system you get to create, manage, and assign virtual machines to your customers through our powerful LEAP system. Finally, you can create your own custom control panel, marketing program, and even offer exceptional benefits such as free SSL's to help bring in more customers and make you more money.

The cloud is here, its benefits are awesome, and with SingleHop, any hosting company can seamlessly sell the cloud.

If you are a hosting company and are interested in reselling the cloud, why not become a beta tester? Drop us a line by going to