Rolling LEAP Release 3.2.2

In development, change is a constant. Software must respond to changes in software and hardware, while being responsive to customer needs. Along with going over the highlights of our latest updated, 3.2.2, I want to briefly go over how an idea turns into a finished feature.

SSL encryption for LEAP3 has always been an option for users. We believe in customer choice and the ability to turn it off and on goes along with that philosophy. However, we have had several customers discuss the option of making LEAP3 always SSL encrypted. This way they can be 100% sure that, regardless of device, their information would be secure form external sources. With our heavy emphasis on ensure customer security we decided to take this idea and turn it into a reality.

The feature would be forced SSL encryption over all LEAP3. The idea is fleshed out into a clear work ticket for development with priorities, release objective, etc. The development team then begins to tackle the problem.

First a development environment is made and the basic changes are added such as an htaccess change in this case. LEAP is tied to other environments such as our API. We thoroughly test the initial changes and begin troubleshooting. Our platform is quite flexible and that flexibility requires additional testing to ensure smooth running across the board. As bugs come up, they are resolved by the dev team until the feature becomes production ready.

Once the feature becomes production ready it moves into a QA environment and goes through surface level checks, API checks, VMware checks, and a lot more. Finally, after a series of test cycles, our SSL encryption feature is ready to roll.

And that is how we deliver customer feature ideas.

So we have a few highlights for 3.2.2 release and here they are in no particular order:

  • API Call for ordering/cancelling cPanel licenses - Modified Dropzone calls so that serverid is not required now. If you send the IP, it will attempt to find the serverid it’s located on.*
  • Force SSL encryption over LEAP3 - We have always allowed users to use the benefits of SSL encryption in LEAP3, but now we will force users to always use SSL. Using SSL is keeping all service and billing related information secure at all times.
  • Leap3 Security Warnings - Fixed a bug with he previous update to LEAP on Dec 3 which shows LEAP version and news information that was causing security warnings.
  • LEAP3 or Dropzone Server Status - Enhancement where the server list now returns that a server is in status rescue, and the LEAP3 component list has been updated to handle this status as well. Before it showed any server or Cascade VM that is in netboot/rescue mode with the status server. 

*If using HSRP, you will want to include the serverid, so that it gets billed under the specified server.

Check out your LEAP control panel for the full details.