Tandem by SingleHop Touches Down

We have always had a very successful reseller program within SingleHop. The goal from its creation was to always enable our resellers with the greatest amount of resources and complete autonomy. We want our resellers to look and feel like enterprise companies while being able to take advantage of our wholesale prices and white label technology. As we as a company have continued to grow and increase our product line we have passed those advances on to our resellers. This has never been more evident than the redesign of Tandem by SingleHop.

If you are unfamiliar with the term tandem as it pertains to skydiving is a very simple concept. A novice jumper is literally harnessed to a veteran jumper in order to make sure experience and knowledge trump fear and nervousness. Our Tandem Reseller program works in a very similar manner.

SingleHop’s resellers are given absolute complete control over their hardware, which in turn allows their clients to have complete control as well. We also understand the importance of added value when running a business which is why we offer a number of perks other web hosting companies use as additional add-ons and premium costs. Our client portal LEAP3 is the industry's fastest and most robust and can be completely white labeled for our Tandem Resellers.

The principal product for our resellers over the past few years has been dedicated hosting. We are thrilled to announce that we have now tripled the amount of products that are available for reselling! Tandem clients are now able to sell cloud and shared hosting! We know that both cloud and shared hosting are rapidly growing areas and hope that our clients are able to take full advantage of them!