The Industry's Best Reseller Program Continues to Improve

We have some big news from our Tandem program! As you know, we completely redesigned and launch a subsite earlier this year as well as added new products. But we're happy to announce there is even more now. The entire idea behind our Tandem reseller program is to give those customers every possible advantage and opportunity to leverage our robust infrastructure as their own. It is that exact reason that this update is very functionally heavy with new features. All of these features, by the way can be completely white labeled.

First, there is a completely redesigned portal that enables the users to have every available bell and whistle appear as their own, including the domain name. As I mentioned this is a completely 100% white label product upgrade and not an off-White label offering. We understand the importance of our resellers  appearing to be independent, freestanding, hosting powerhouses, and that's exactly what this new functionality allows.

Now that our Tandem customers have a site that is completely their own, it's time to talk products. These customers now have the ability to sell dedicated, shared, and cloud hosting products. This triple threat of new features opens up the potential audience for each reseller by 3x! Tandem resellers can sell public cloud offerings or even create their own private cloud and all of this again, is completely white label. No matter what product is purchased from a reseller their end-user now has a "live" install status menu they can view.

Once our new Tandem customers have their customers all setup and running. They will be able to use new features within their portal that will allow them to do reinstalls and reboots from the new components management feature. It is best to think of this like a Mission Control.

One of the most elaborate additions to the Tandem program is the enhancement of billing integration. Resellers are now able to tie in their existing Ubersmith or WHMCS billing system for yet another line of efficiency.  The goal of this update was to really make each and every feature completely user-friendly, automated, and 100% white label.  And if you think that's not enough, the perks are endless. Including this most recent addition here.