Rebootless Kernel Upgrades- Exclusively from SingleHop and Ksplice.


We get excited about a lot of things around here because so many cool and notable events happen at SingleHop every week. In the past few weeks, though, there has been an air of utter awe and delight going around. In fact, I don't believe I have ever noticed our team of experienced technicians this excited about a new product like they are about Ksplice Uptrack. Ksplice, in short, allows for any Linux server to be updated on the go. It's like a race car needing a transmission changed and never having to do a pit-stop to fix it, it gets fixed without ever having to stop. Amazing!

With Ksplice Uptrack there no longer exists a compromise between security and running stability - we very often hear back from clients who excitedly tell us their server has been online for over 520 continuous days! That's a great testament to the stability of our network and systems but it is a warning sign that the never-failing server is out of date and vulnerable to attack. With our never-satiated passion for innovation and cutting-edge technology, Ksplice's offering of rebootless upgrades was much too hard to resist- and is now exclusively available to all our customers running Linux through our Kernel and OS package.

So if you are wondering how this magical piece of software works and want to see a real-live demonstration, sit tight because Andrew Brooks, one of SingleHop's finest, has done just that in the video below. He will show you a server being hacked without having Ksplice, then the same server - without being REBOOTED - not being susceptible to the hack. Enjoy!