R1Soft genius backups. Some things aren't mandatory, or are they?

There used to be a time when auto insurance was not mandatory:  some people would get it and others would not. When someone had an accident and they did not have insurance, that was when they would run out and purchase a little more. Yes, a bit chaotic, but oddly enough the idea of a solid dedicated server backup is too often viewed the same way.  Only after you have a disaster do you earnestly start looking at solutions, such as the R1soft backup system available at SingleHop.  You can roll the dice and go with an inferior free product, but why roll that dice when you can really have your cake and eat it too?  The R1soft Automatic back-up SingleHop solution has no monthly fees, just the charges for storage used.  Yes, with SingleHop you get Free R1soft!

I cannot think of a single reason why anyone with business data would not want backup services.  Heck, at home we make sure all of our pictures and important documents are stored off site, and this is not even mission-critical data!  Its loss would be sad for the Tremmel household, but this data will not impact an entire company.  Each one of us, companies and individuals, ought to do a self-evaluation on what would happen if we could not access critical data.  Go ahead, make a checklist of what info you simply cannot live without.  Once you are done, I think you will quickly accept that you need a powerful, solid, and thorough data backup solution.  And with Free R1Soft backup solutions, individual files, databases, database tables, directories, or even past versions of files can be restored at the click of a link inside of LEAP.  The easy access restoration system enables rapid replacement of lost or deleted files.  R1Soft's automatic backup approach, which works seamless with the SingleHop LEAP systems, is what makes it the easiest, hassle-free software choice for this crucial data operation.

Today, do me a favor and think of the last time you did a backup or the times when you missed your backups, and if you really think hard you will come to the realization that it is time for a solid backup strategy. In fact, you are not doing me a favor, you are doing one for yourself by protecting your data with an easy-to-use automatic backup process.

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