R1Soft Backups- the easy way to get rid of sleepless nights

If you're looking for disaster recovery services, there are a lot of "solutions" in the market ... but few of them offer the flexibility, transparency and ease of use as R1Soft. Whether you're running a hosting company, a dedicated MySQL service, or backup hosting - R1soft is a top-rated choice.

We're now offering R1Soft backups for free, with the install and configuration done automatically.

Will it impact the performance of your dedicated server like most others' backup solutions? No!
R1Soft’s disk-to-disk CDP software works by reading data at the sector level and only recording data that has changed since the last backup. This type of backup allows our clients to backup their data as often as every 15 minutes without seeing a harmful impact on server performance.

The common use of the R1Soft solution is backup hosting, such as offsite MySQL backups and disaster/backup recovery solutions for Linux and Windows servers.

You've likely had a moment in your life when you said, "I wish I could restore only this one file" or "I wish I could backup partition tables," but your current backup strategy doesn't provide those capabilities.  R1soft, however, features single file restore as well as full server restore, or a single partition recovery. Yes, it is that flexible.

In fact, it does even more: you can choose a regular backup schedule, set the number of recovery points you wish to be kept and let it run in the background without any further configuration!

You've probably been looking for a solid way to backup MySQL service data without interruptions to the service itself - R1Soft has a solution for this, too. Simply input the MySQL credentials in the R1soft form and set the schedule to backup all MySQL databases.

With the security of a regular backup strategy, should you run into any problems with your production server data, you can enjoy easy restores of any part of the system.  In fact, all restore options are available to you from inside our famous LEAP control panel.  Your data can be restored with a few clicks of the mouse.  The options within LEAP include:

Case #1 - single file/folder restore.

Case #2 - mysql database restore.

Case #3 - Partitions table restore.

Case #4 - Full server restore (known as "bare-metal restore")

With free R1Soft backups from SingleHop, disaster recovery is now a breeze!