QuickReaction Monitoring

If you feel constantly strapped to your computer because you are afraid of your server unexpectedly coming offline, fear no more.

In the event your dedicated server were to experience downtime, our QuickReaction Monitoring service immediately alerts our on-site data center technicians. Once they receive the alert, our technicians move your server to their top priority and automatically begin troubleshooting your server to ensure uninterrupted service. No matter what time of the day or night, an on-site data technician will be there to make sure your server does not experience long periods of downtime.

So how quick is our QuickReaction monitoring? Every minute HTTP / HTTPS, FTP / SFTP, DNS and a ping test is done on the server and every two minutes the hardware, SMTP/POP/IMAP and MySQL / MS SQL is checked. This monitoring is done continuously on the server to ensure as little downtime as possible. This service is highly recommended to all clients, whether they have their own technical support or they use SingleHop's.

If you wish to add Quick Reaction Monitoring, you can add it alone or add it with our Take 2 package for a better discount. Contact your account executive or manager for further information!