Price versus Scalability... Which dedicated Server should you get?

One major factor when it comes to picking a dedicated server is price versus scalability. This is especially true for those about to launch a site for the first time. The decision on whether to pay as little as possible until the site gets on its feet and can pay for the server or to pay a little more and have ability to scale your server as the site grows is a difficult one.

The first option is the cheap server, something like our ATOM 330 machine is a great example. The Atom is SingleHop's entry level dual core and it comes with 2GB of RAM. Typically it used as an upgrade from shared or VPS hosting solution or as an internal server that would not receive a lot of traffic. It is also very popular with the type of client who has spent some time developing his site or application and is ready to start hosting it somewhere, but does not have any traffic or revenue from that venture coming in, yet. The ATOM server is attractive because of its price. That said, there is no real upgrade path, the server is already maxed out at 2GB of RAM and does not support any other processors or RAID. This should always be a main consideration for a site about to launch a major ad campaign in that its scalability is severely limited.

So that brings us to the second option, a machine that is still cost effective, but does allow for upgrade, and as such, room to grow without the hassle of moving to a new server. Something like our Xeon E3110 is a great example of this. The E3110 is a mid range dual core server that comes with 4GB of RAM. This is some pretty decent horsepower for a site just coming to fruition, so for a typical site that builds traffic over time, this is a great machine. The best part is that as that growth happens and the site needs more resources, the E3110 machine gives you a couple of important options. The first is that it support more RAM, another 4GB can be added in just a couple of minutes to give a site a quick performance boost. The second is that the motherboard in this machine is very flexible and support a number of the processors that we offer, including two of our quad core models, so again, in the span of a couple minutes, a significant performance boost can be added with no need to for a time consuming migration.

The pricing difference between my two examples is small, $40 per month, but that can make a break a new site. All in all, each situation is unique and will require thought and effort to come up with the best solution. That said, myself and all of the other Account Executives here at SingleHop are here to help!