Out with the Old, In with the New; Our Transition from LivePerson to LiveZilla

We have been using LiveZilla to help sell dedicated servers for the last couple of months and so far it has been working very well. One of the biggest motivators to make the switch was the value that we can get from LiveZilla versus LivePerson. LiveZilla provides free live chat support with no limit on the number of users, unlike LivePerson that charges a fee per user. When it comes to our office we need several users online so the costs can be made up over a year.

LiveZilla also allows for customization and branding with our own logo when initiating a chat (see photo right). As you can see, it still has Poindexter (the cute frog) and our SingleHop contact information. When using our live chat you will see one of our handsome account executives pop up in the window ready and waiting to assist you. When this happens this is what we see on our end (see picture to the left).LiveZilla

One of the features that I like best on LiveZilla is their GeoTracking which enables the user to see exactly where the person you are currently chatting with is located. Along with the person you are chatting with, you can also see where all the visitors to your site are coming from. Another feature I like about LiveZilla is the ability for visitors to rate the support we provide them and offer us feedback. So far visitors or clients to our site have said that I am perfect and I provide top notch service! (Now you know why I like this feature so much!)

Feel free to give me some feedback if you use or have used LivePerson and/or LiveZilla - would love to hear your thoughts! :)SingleHop.chat_1249071843051