New Clients & Existing Clients- Big Announcement!

The dedicated server business is a really expensive business to grow in. If you add up customer acquisition costs, sales commissions, and hardware, we can easily invest $2,000 in a single client. Needless to say, it's incredibly important that we provide the best service to each client, because above all we've paid an enormous amount to get your business, and now we need to keep it!

We're happy to announce that each and every client has been given a dedicated Account Executive, and going forward every client will be assigned to an Account Executive. You can view a link to our talented Account Executives here:

Many of you have seen the progression a company makes from being small, and providing great personal service to being a large company and having service levels degrade. We're going to keep that from happening by having Account Executives responsible for watching over your account, and overall making sure that each client receives the highest level of service.

Throughout the month of April, your Account Executive will put his or herself in touch with you, and from there will serve as your primary point of contact for customer service, billing, and sales. You will also be given a direct dial number, so that you can by-pass the phone system.

Thanks for your continued business!

Zak Boca