New Affiliate Tracking System

CHICAGO (SH) — We have officially transitioned our entire affiliate base to our new affiliate tracking system, internally developed. The new system is completely integrated within our award winning LEAP client portal and will result in faster payouts, better tracking, simpler reporting and an overall superior affiliate system. Here are some of the many advantages of the new affiliate system:

  • Get real time stats and reports on your sales inside of our LEAP3 system
  • Get your payout over-time for additional commissions (up to 20% higher commissions)
  • Optimized tracking of all sales and payouts (automatic, real-time status updates and order locking)
  • Optimized payout process that will get you your earnings faster (no more confusion about your payments)
  • Integrated with your SingleHop account with Single Sign-On technology (for affiliates who are also customers)
  • Get payout via PayPal, check or as an account credit (credit for affiliates who are also customers)

For those interested in learning more, you can check out the affiliates section on our website.

For those that already are affiliates, you can take a virtual tour to get an idea of how it works.