Top 5 Reasons Our 99.9% Network Uptime Works

SingleHop has the distinguished pleasure of being able to provide each and every one of our customers an extended network uptime guarantee. What does this mean to our very intelligent and informed customer base, you ask? It means that we'll make sure to keep connectivity maximized for each and every point, within, to and from our network, to minimize interruptions to ongoing service. You can read more about our network hierarchy here:

How exactly have we been able to accomplish such a feat and continue such reliable service? This is done through the coordination of a number of factors, which we will outline below:

1) Our Network Administrators are skilled and experienced engineers with a plethora of hours on Cisco, Juniper, Foundry Networks and TACACS configurations. Those individuals have put in the time over the last 5-6 years to reorganize our network into the most efficient and streamlined environment that allows our customers a trouble-free online existence.

2) Our Data Center Administrators and Support Staff have invested a great swath of time towards keeping each and every one of our cabinets, within our downtown Chicago location, as tidy and organized as possible, to reduce any and all possibility of making simple wiring mistakes. Feel free to let me know which one of these you'd like to see on a Data Center tour:

network cabinet


3) We are able to work directly with Certified Cisco Engineers and direct contacts for any of our networking equipment, if it comes to the point of having to resolve an issue that needs to be escalated.

4) Our premium blend of bandwidth carriers (Abovenet, Cogent & SCNetworks) allows us a great deal of room for any network issues, whereas, if one were to fail, one of the others would function as a failover solution.

5) The routers and switches we utilize are top-of-the-line network equipment from trusted names in the industry (Cisco, Juniper and Foundry Networks). Our research has produced a perfect mix of hardware that allows for high-end capacity and minimized utilization for any length of high-traffic occurrences.

All-in-all, the points above allow us to take a certain amount of pride in providing service to all of our customers. On-going maintenance and upkeep to this environment will allow us to continue providing that high level of service into the foreseeable future. If we ever plan network maintenance, we send our customers a heads-up message to make them fully aware of when it is to happen and how long that is expected to take.

If you have any questions about our network architecture or anything regarding the extent of our network capacity, feel free to drop us an email to Here's a link to the section in our TOS / AUP, if you'd like to read the fine print: