Need Technical Support for Your Server? General Managed Services is the Answer.

I often get questions from clients asking what all is included in general managed services and how can it help me? The quick answer is that general managed services gives you 2 hours of technical support for your dedicated server from our team, anytime it is required. Yes that inlcudes 24/7/365. Expert support, all the time, anytime.

When you purchase management you can contact our support team via ticket or phone for questions or suggestions about trouble shooting, upgrading, software installation (for those applications supported) and numerous other features. This is highly recommended to those clients who do not have their own technical support staff or need additional support with basic web hosting services or control panel troubleshooting.

General managed services can be combined in our Take 2 management option for a discounted package rate of only $49 per month. This can include the general managed services and one other managed service, such as our QuickReaction Monitoring. This package is highly recommended to our clients to give them the basic coverage they need to make sure the server stays online with as few issues and downtime as possible. One of our most loyal clients, Tomasz Klekot from Tomksoft states, "SingleHop technical support offers complete care solution for my server. They make sure that my server is working stable and at full performance. This gives me peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year."

If you're interested in adding Take 2 (semi-management) or general managed services, please contact your account executive or manager for further assistance. We understand that not all customers need this, but we do know that all customers can benefit powerfully from this.

Thanks for reading!