Minimalist, OS builder, Bike Rider, Sleepless Thinker

I'm a minimalist geek and it seems to leak into most aspects of my life.

I've been using IRC/SILC and *nix since the 90s. I've played with many different operating systems throughout the years from plan9 to histar, but only two have really ever captured a piece of my heart: Gentoo and OpenBSD. If they were toys, they would be a bucket of Legos and a Tonka Truck at the same time; they both completely cater to developers. I've built an OS derived from Gentoo called PLLinux (Power Link Linux) for a network appliance, which is still very much in use out in the wild. While technically I built it for a place I worked, it wasn't really why I was there. In my mind, it became more of a side thing and was just for fun. But it got us away from uClinux, which was all I cared about because the release was old, out dated, not actively being developed, and simply put: blech!

I've played with tons of hardware over the years and hacked the ones that needed *nix on them, some of note follow:

I've also endeavored with all of the media center options over the years, such as MythTV and LinuxMCE, but I still love MilkDrop/projectM the most. I know it's not really an MC software, but it's beautiful and written in assembly, so it's extremely fast and completely awesome on a big screen. It blows my mind that so much software has come a long way. Gentoo used to be a PITA to install, but nothing compared to MythTV/LinuxMCE on Gentoo when those first started up.

As far as games go, it's all about RTS (Real-Time Strategy)! StarCraft, Diablo2, StarCraft 2, and, in my opinion, the best game ever: Path of Exile. I used to have all of my screenshots from all my devices automatically upload and save to a website that allowed me to go through them like rings on a tree. After years of saving them, I found it quite fascinating to see my tastes in window managers evolve over the years, eventually setting on the dwm from the people at suckless.

Unfortunately, I lost all of them, including all my projects and code, due to moving and having two disks go bad in a RAID5. All the emotion and imagination put into random coding projects over the years were instantly wiped out and forever lost. I died a bit inside after that and mostly stopped programming for fun all together and professionally shortly thereafter.

Since I wasn't coding as much, I got back into bikes and started racing single-speed cross, sometimes even on ice. Ah, so many ice beards! There is nothing better than the simplicity of a lugged steel fixed gear, except maybe OpenBSD because, man, those guys can code! They produce the highest quality software I've seen from any open source project. Their development process alone is reason enough to use their software every chance you get.

The problem with being a geek is not being able to let a geeky thought go, even though you probably should. For instance, I should have been asleep three hours ago and should have just posted the following link to my personal site, which you could have learned most of this stuff for yourselves.