MidVentures 25, the best in Chicago IT is sponsored and Hosted by SingleHop

The future of our economy is directly related to the health of the technology sector. And how healthy a technology sector really is depends on how quickly and effectively bright new ideas can become reality. This is why, at SingleHop, we are committed to helping and fostering the start-up sector through a multitude of scaled solutions and services- such as an on-demand firewall, free R1soft backup agent, and exceptional prices on powerful dedicated servers. We also offer a number of management services tailored to allow clients to pick and choose based on their level of expertise and competency.

In keeping with this theme, SingleHop is the lead sponsor of MidVentures 25, a local Chicago competition focused on fostering the best and smartest high-tech ideas.  Http://midventures25.com/.  Having gone through the whole startup process ourselves, we are keenly aware of the unique challenges and needs of any burgeoning IT company and are excited to partner with whomever this year's MidVentures 25 winner is with a full year of hosting and management solutions.

One of the things that our startup clients always thank us for is our personal focus on each clients unique needs. This starts with every client having their very own Account Executive whom they can bounce ideas with and choose the perfect hosting setup, but we also provide a personal focus with all the multifaceted service options we offer, such as our backup services and the LEAP technologies that give clients the opportunity to control every aspect of their server remotely. This is what makes SingleHop the perfect choice for a company on the move.  When we see clients of ours taking off, we are proud of them and like to feel that we helped a bit in their success.  So don't go alone:  take the first hop to success with SingleHop.