Microsoft Hyper-V Now Available at SingleHop

Microsoft’s Hyper-V has been around for a little over a year now, and in that time it has proven to be quite a stable hypervisor. This is excellent if you are looking to reduce hardware costs by consolidating many machines into one, or if you would like to resell virtual private servers to your own clients.

If you are looking into reselling virtual private machines, your best option would be to use DotNetPanel Enterprise with the Hyper-V snap in. This will allow you to easily deploy Hyper-V virtual machines when they are purchased, and will give your clients an easy-to-use interface to make changes to the hosting of the machine. [what does "the hosting of the machine" mean? maybe expand a tiny bit]

If it is machine consolidation that you are looking for, then the built in Hyper-V panel is sufficient for your needs. [But] If you plan on having both Hyper-V virtual machines, and VMWare virtual machines, then the Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine manager is the better choice, as it will allow you to manage all your virtual machines from one single interface.

We currently offer Hyper-V Dedicated Servers for all supported operating systems, which are Windows Server 2008 Standard, Enterprise, and Datacenter, in the 64-bit variation. It comes at no extra cost to you for just Hyper-V on its own. Hyper-V officially supports Windows servers all the way down to Server 2000, and Suse Linux. Microsoft has submitted a patch to the Linux kernel, which should allow for full-blown Linux support soon. Licensing is pretty simple, a Windows license from us will allow you to install up to four guest operating systems of the same version as the host at no additional cost. We can provide you with additional Windows licenses if needed.

If you are interested in utilizing this technology on your Windows dedicated server, let one of our Account Executives know and they will be happy to set you up!