Meet the New LEAP, LEAP 3.4

In the latest episode of LEAP, our control panel has undergone several fixes and some added functionality. Fixes center on four main areas of functionality. These four main areas include:

  • password changes,
  • bandwidth,
  • templates,
  • and hostname validation.

Password changes include a few fixes when it comes to special character issues and encryption. Bandwidth changes include a continuation of the bandwidth updates we started back in version 3.3.2. In 3.4, we have introduced custom date ranges when looking over bandwidth usage. Also we fixed a problem with incorrect numbers reporting.

Component Bandwidth Summary
Added Date Ranges to Bandwidth Summary

There are two template issues that have been fixed in this version. We resolved an issue with VMware templates not showing up in LEAP and Windows VMware VM templates not showing up in the Template Manager.

There was an issue with convenience when it came to creating hostnames in LEAP. A customer would type in a hostname only to find that the hostname was in use and would have to go through the screens to try another hostname. This can be a frustrating experience when you have multiple hostnames to enter.

Hostname Checking
On page checks in real time

To help speed the process, we added hostname validity check, which checks on page before you submit.

For more details on these fixes and the rest of the update, check out the Notes section at the bottom of LEAP.