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What’s in store for the managed hosting industry in 2018? In a recent column, Joe McKendrick of aptly and concisely framed how many of us at SingleHop are thinking about the new year: “The rise of multi-cloud environments demands a rethinking of how things should be managed.”1

That ‘rethinking’ is a crucial undertaking for IT leaders driving infrastructure strategy. Questions of application fit, economics, secure architectures, staffing, and responsibility for ongoing maintenance each require a close exploration whenever an organization chooses to distribute its workloads across multiple hosting platforms and data centers.

At SingleHop, we’ve been helping customers navigate these questions for a long time, but 2018 promises to generate some transformative advancements in how we deliver results. TJ Waldorf, SingleHop VP of Inside Sales and Marketing, recently sat down with our friends at to discuss his outlook on that topic, including how security, automation and machine learning will affect the multicloud managed services experience:

“We want to make the managed cloud experience more proactive and predictive, [and] obviously, transparent,” he said. “That way, the customer can really focus on what adds value to their business and furthers their mission rather than just keeping their infrastructure healthy and running.”

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1     “Cloud Computing Makes Everyone Their Own Chief Information Officer — Is That A Good Thing?”

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