Look Ma, no browser! Manage your dedicated server right from your desktop. LEAPwidget is here.

You have spoken and we have heard you: an easier, faster and more intuitive way to control your server is now here.  While we are extremely proud of LEAPwebtop, where you can thoroughly manage your server on a desktop-like environment, there is now a simpler and more user friendly solution for tasks like submitting tickets, checking the status of your server, and even billing; please welcome LEAPwidget!!!  Always looking for new ways to provide more control to our clients, this year we have released two groundbreaking offerings that allow our clients extraordinary levels of control over their dedicated servers. In March we released LEAPmobile, which offers server management on-the-go through iPhone, Blackblerry, Android and even Palm machines. Today we introduced LEAPwidget, which eliminates the need for a browser when keeping tabs on your server. Whether you use Linux, Apple's OSX, or Windows, LEAPwidget offers control over your dedicated server in less clicks, and less hassle, than anyone else in the industry. So without further ado, please checkout LEAPwidget.com to download the widget and tell us what you think!