Lionel Richie's Passionate Approach to Customer Profiles

Are you a part of a business that offers some kind of service or solution? If you’ve answered, “Yes” then answer this question next, “What is your ideal customer profile?”  Lionel Richie sang a passionate song about the pursuit that every salesperson asks,

Is it me you're looking for?...
...I've just got to let you know
Because I wonder where you are
And I wonder what you do...

...Tell me how to win your heart
For I haven't got a clue
But let me start by saying I love you
Hello! …"

Okay, so maybe we’re not declaring our undying love to our prospective customers but we are definitely working hard everyday to establish, “Who is our ideal customer? What are their needs? Are we a good fit for your needs?” Hopefully, after reading this post, you’ll forever ask to the tune of Lionel Richie! You’re welcome.

Lionel was on to something though with all of his love sick ballads and that was chemistry. Good business relationships have the magical mix of right place, right time, and feel good connection.

Connecting to customers is the responsibility of my role at SingleHop. I’m the “Chief Conversationalist” working to reach out to businesses that need our services. I do more than just evangelise how great our services are and what I do every day is NOT selling. In fact, a lot of what I do is listening. When I reach out to people I have the goal of learning about what keeps them up at night. I want to know how we can make their lives easier so that they can focus on what it is that they actually do. The more connections I make the more I realize that people don’t want a “Infrastructure Hosting Provider.” They want a partnership with a team of problem solvers. My customers want to know that I care about their challenges and that I have a team with the tools to fix things. If you’re not connecting with your customers and learning what’s truly important to them, then you’re missing a key component in building long lasting relationships.

The best advice I ever received from a ‘long in the tooth’ sales guy was that, “You should never force a sale or ‘Glenngary, Glenn Ross, Always be closing,” a relationship. The truth is that people don’t want to be sold to. They want to have someone they trust to help them through their challenges. Human beings don’t want to buy something, they want answers to problems and to know that they can trust the people giving them the answers.

If you have a solution to people’s problems, then be sure to know who needs it and how you can help them. Connecting with someone with the goal of helping them versus trying to sell to them will always yield better results. Find the right customer for what you’re able to provide and help them fall in love with  your ability to get things done on their behalf. “Hello, Is it me you’re looking for?” could be music to your customer’s ears, if they find out you really care about their needs and have the answers they’ve been looking for.