Limited Time 4th of July Dedicated Server Coupon Deals

The holidays are normally reserved for taking life a little easier, meeting up with friends and family, relaxing, remembering, and, of course, holiday sales and coupon deals. However, there are coupon deals, and then there are our new coupon deals! In honor of the fourth day of the month of July, we are offering 2 different coupons for starting or adding to your hosted infrastructure.

Remember, these offers all expire soon, so if you are interested, please order today!

Dedicated Servers $189 and up: Coupon Code: J4MRD


Free GigE Uplink, +30TB Bandwidth for Life: Coupon Code: J4NET


Quick Tips for 1 Gbps Uplink + 30 TB Coupon Code (J4NET)

To take full advantage of the Free GigE Uplink + 30TB Bandwidth for Life coupon, follow these steps:

  1. Select your server
  2. Select 30 TB Bandwidth and 1 GBPS Network Port
  3. Paste or type the coupon code into the box on the right and press enter
  4. Price will change and coupon will automatically apply
  5. Submit your order like normal


The Fine Print
Remember, this is a limited time offer. It's valid on orders that are received no later than 5pm on Sunday, July 7th. These are special promotional codes that cannot be combined with each other or other offers or discounts, and is for new servers only. These coupons cannot be applied to existing servers or replacement servers.