LEAP Updated to Version 3.3.3

The latest version of our ongoing efforts to provide a better platform adds a few interesting features. In our last version we added bandwidth pooling as well as a bandwidth usage enhancements in the form of notifications. We are also adding API controls for our upcoming feature LEAP Monitoring Center. And, as usual, we fixed a few assorted bugs.

Now built into our bandwidth review tool is notifications at 80% usage. These notifications trigger on a device basis and for bandwidth pools. By adding notifications, it is our hope that customers will be able to stay on top of their usage and be able to make adjustments long before overages occur. Thank you again to the customers requesting this change!

LEAP Monitoring Center is a feature we are really jazzed about. LEAP Monitoring Center will be a free, enterprise-grade, custom monitoring control panel available to all customers upon release. But we are not quite there. In our newsletter, we sent out a request for beta testers to get in on the ground floor of this new service (hint, hint, if you are not registered for our newsletter you are missing out on key, newsletter only programs). In preparation for our beta program, we added a series of back-end enhancements.

Stay tuned for more features and enhancements. And don’t forget; check out your LEAP client portal for the full details.