LEAP 3.6.0

We’ve just pushed a huge update to our LEAP platform for LEAP 3.6.0.

LEAP will work much faster now as we’ve greatly enhanced its speed. We have developed a multi-threaded environment to handle LEAP data asynchronously, allowing for the execution of multiple requests that do not block remaining processes. This will lead our users to have a performance-steady experience when executing functions within LEAP.

We’ve also beefed up the security within LEAP to better protect your sensitive information. When you log in, you’ll see a lock icon within four sections of your account: Personal Information, Security, Two-Factor Authentication (if you're enrolled), and Sub-Accounts. To add or edit any details within these four areas, users will now be required to authenticate their information. When you attempt to add or edit information in one of the sections with a lock icon, a pop-up will appear asking users to authenticate using SMS, email, or Authy (if you're enrolled in two-factor authentication already).

External User Guide Release 3.6

Within LEAP, users can now manage their PIN and Root Password Request Limit for server access. If your account doesn’t have a PIN yet, you can set it up in the Security section.

Below is a complete list of updates:

  • Fixed a bug with a specific case where a public virtual machine was canceled via API, but was not canceled for under account
  • Fixed a bug in LEAP3 Account Settings that was not displaying the correct phone number
  • Fixed a big that was not updating when a change to an IP was made
  • Fixed a bug that displayed deactivated credits showing a positive balance in LEAP3
  • PIN and rate limit management functionality released
  • Fixed a bug where certain IPs were not showing in LEAP3
  • Updated bandwidth function so that alerts consider servers that are behind certain devices
  • Phone number support added for two-factor in LEAP3
  • Updated success message when deleting templates from LEAP3


For more details on these fixes and the rest of the update, check out the Notes section at the bottom of LEAP.