Launching our New VMware-Powered Public Cloud – AutoScaling, SAN-based Storage and a Whole Lot More

All of us here at SingleHop are excited about our our new SingleHop Public Cloud, powered by VMware. VMware provides a wealth of features that SingleHop is embracing to power our move into the world of utility-based cloud computing. With our new resource-based computing platform, you’ll be able to adjust your resources like turning the tap to adjust the flow of water.

And so you don’t have to physically monitor the flow and adjust the tap, we’re incorporating AutoScaling technology, which allows you to create your own rules-based guidelines for when to automatically add (or subtract) processors, RAM, or storage. Our hourly billing feature  also makes our new Public Cloud more utility-like, as does VMware’s enterprise-grade reliability and scalability.


We know that developers and testers will appreciate the ability to scale their resource use up or down according to their project needs, and we anticipate there will be plenty of other organizations with variable computing loads that will appreciate the automated flexibility they gain with our new Public Cloud powered by VMware.

A foundational part of our new Public Cloud will be the ease of use of the SingleHop LEAP Control Panel, as well as our  industry-leading support—including our Customer Bill of Rights. The result is an ideal platform for users ranging from SMBs to enterprise organizations.

Here’s a look at some of the rich set of features, you’ll find in the SingleHop Public Cloud, powered by VMware:

  • AutoScaling. Create your own rules-based guidelines for automatically increasing or decreasing the RAM, number of processors, or storage you use in your SingleHop cloud-based resource.
  • Hourly Billing. Development teams, testing, and other groups with variable resource needs benefit from hourly—compared to monthly—billing as they scale their use of cloud-based resources up and down to
    meet their to-the-moment needs. Hourly billing is available across all SingleHop resources, including our application hosting.
  • SAN-based Storage with Automatic Instant Failover. The SingleHop Public Cloud replaces local storage with a robust SAN-based solution. This means that if the server you use for processing should ever fail, you simply spin up a new instance which connects to the same SAN storage—saving you what could otherwise be hours of data transfer and resource reconfiguration.
  • Load Balancing. SingleHop’s VMware infrastructure provides automated load balancing between multi-node deployments. This means traffic across Web servers or application servers is automatically balanced for optimal performance.
  • Faster Deployment. Virtual resources can be deployed more than 5 times faster than before with our new Public Cloud offering.

SingleHop has long led the field in providing ease of use and customer support. With our customer focus, it is natural that we would incorporate the finest in enterprise-grade infrastructure, which is why we have built our new solution using VMware.

Check out the new SingleHop Public Cloud today!