Latest LEAP Release 3.3.2

Improvements come in many forms. Some are derived from big changes or the addition of a wholly new set of tools. These are generally called features. Other improvements are smaller. These are steps towards fine tuning performance or towards ensuring a feature delivers fully on the functionality it promised. In this version of LEAP, we add a few steps towards that goal of heightened functionality.

  • The Template Manager is a fairly popular feature. We added a delete template button to ensure full functionality.
  • In LEAP3 control panel, there is a new credit request form.
  • Chart enhancements for bandwidth have been added. This includes pooling and individual component summary as well as added notifications at 80% utilizations or higher.
Bandwidth Pooling and Enhancements
Clients can now see both pooled and individual component bandwidth usage

Ease of use, functionality, delivering the customer experience, whatever you want to call it, large and small steps support these changes.

We have a lot more enhancements on the table so stay tuned.