Kernel & OS Updates and Event Notifications

Lately I have been asked several times by clients who are not very tech savvy what are Kernel & OS security updates, and what are Event notifications. Ultimately, they wanted to understand how these would help them as a client.

So what are Kernel & OS security updates? They are simply that, security updates that you receive for your operating system and Kernel. Furthermore they are automated so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself or worry about missing the latest critical security or performance patch. And, if your server happens to be running Linux, these updates can even be applied even without a reboot! This is thanks to SingleHop's exclusive agreement with Ksplice Uptrack, the only software in the industry that has this kind of power. Rebootless updates protect your servers from security threats without any sacrifice to the uptime of your dedicated server, which is extremely important both us and our clients.

Kernel & OS updates and Event notifications is a great tool for those clients with semi-management or no management at all. It is a helpful addition to your server as it provides you with peace of mind and more time to focus on running your business.

While you are receiving security updates for your Kernel and operating system, you can also enjoy the benefits of event notifications. It is a highly advanced system that continually monitors your server from inside and outside our datacenter. This is a service that notifies our clients in the even the server goes down, so that our clients can fix the problems quickly. Just another tool to ensure the highest performance of your server solution even if you do not have any management solution covering it.

If you want to add either Kernel & OS security updates or Event notifications or both, please contact your Account Executive or Account manager for pricing. We have excellent deals going on all the time and will gladly work with you to get one or both of these services working on your behalf as soon as possible.