IPCast: How far is your reach?

Speed -- Everyone wants it. Global distribution of static content -- everyone needs it. Diverse paths of delivery -- SingleHop has it!

After months of developing and studious planning, we have finally released our latest addition to the SingleHop services portfolio: IPCast -- a Content Delivery Network!

Often referred to as a "CDN", a Content Delivery Network is a way to globally distribute static content, and deliver this content faster and more efficiently to visitors based on where they are located in the world. We all know how the internet works, and according to Infoworld, 56% (I believe this number to be more, but I'm no analyst!) of the population use the internet on a regular basis. This obviously extends to other parts of the world. The problem that a lot of webmasters run into is sending data to the other side of a continent, which depending on where their server is located, can be incredibly slow, or sometimes non-existent. IPCast's focus is to fix this by placing pictures, videos and other static content on servers across the world and basing it's rapid delivery method on the IP's geographical location. The SingleHop IPCast network exists of nearly a dozen North American points of presence (POPs), 7 European POPs and 6 or more in Asia.

Hypothetically speaking, if someone were wanting to run an Ad network or picture gallery and reach out to everyone in Tokyo, they could still house their server here in Chicago with SingleHop, and upload their images or ads to our CDN, which then is replicated out to each one of our POPs. When a visitor from Tokyo visit's their site, they would initially contact the server in Chicago, but all ads and images on the site would be delivered from our Tokyo POP. We're talking about at least a 200ms *INCREASE* in latency, therefore allowing that customer to not only view ads or content quicker, but keeping them happy as a visitor prolonging their visit.

Using IPCast couldn't be easier and is done in three easy steps: Signup, upload your soon to be distributed files and change all links that linked to your old images to the new URL's on your site. Oh yeah, and enjoying the lack of sleepness nights worrying about how far your providers network reaches :)

At SingleHop we have integrated all the tools needed to manage your IPCast account into our recently-released WebTop LEAP control panel. This tool includes all the processes to upload, modify, remove or delete your IPCast content without having to download or install any software onto your computer -- not to mention being cost-effective at the rate of $0.20 per gigabyte of bandwidth used!

Combine our competitive pricing structure and revolutionary tools, and then wonder to yourself: "Why don't I have an IPCast account yet?"