Introducing AI: A Free, Comprehensive Way to Manage your Servers

Nov 11, 2015

Big news today at SingleHop!  We introduced AI – a groundbreaking SaaS tool for server and OS management. It allows IT admins to remotely monitor, manage and patch servers and operating systems no matter where they are hosted – any cloud and any provider.

Thousands of servers are currently being registered for the free service at

In his coverage this morning, David Hamilton of the WHIR described how it works:

For instance, AI automates patching 100 servers by hand. It also simplifies troubleshooting by aggregating data from disparate server environments (including ServerHop’s 10,000 monthly support tickets) into a unified portal that suggests next steps for IT staff to take. These features allow staff to act immediately and spend less time on routine and repetitive tasks, and more time on new projects.

We’ll have tons more information in the days and weeks to come. For now, checkout the 90-second AI explainer video below and head over to the newsroom for all the details.

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