Introducing Tandem!

Ladies and Gentleman,
I wanted to take a few minutes and give you a brief introduction to our new, completely revolutionary, reseller hosting control panel that we lovingly call Tandem in light of our recent company skydiving experience and in the spirit of working together with our resellers. The program is currently undergoing beta testing and as soon as we work out the bugs, we are looking forward to releasing it to everyone.

Tandem works on two levels, first to our direct clients you get an amazing interface that lets you customize what your clients see when they login, it can be skinned with your company logo, so it is completely white label, and also allows our resellers to provide a ticketing system that is tied in with ours so if there is an issue that you want to pass to us to resolve, it can be done with the click of a button.

The other great feature that Tandem gives our resellers is the ability to order new servers 24/7, at their current reseller pricing tier, then, once the order is placed, the server is automatically provisioned. Our support team only has a hand in it if hardware upgrades need to be made! The pricing tiers also adjust automatically, and as the discount increases, it is also applied to all of the servers, not just new ones going forward.

The second level is that Tandem allows our resellers to leverage SingleHop's size, buying power, and R&D budget. For example, our clients can give their clients the ability to see bandwidth graphs, hardware configurations, and also access to our mobile management platform via and This platform has been developed in house over the last few years, and we are continually adding new features. This is in addition to the many management features and partnerships that SingleHop has made, like re-bootless Kernel and OS security updates via Ksplice and design services from amongst many others.

Shown below, for your customers use: 1) Tandem panel for Blackberry and iPhone; 2) Tandem web panel; For reseller use: 3) LEAP toolbar; 4) LEAP webtop; 5) LEAP widget; 6) LEAP mobile


Tandem is a truly revolutionary and SingleHop is very excited to be the first to offer such an innovative platform. Keep an eye out for a post from Miguel in the very near future with a more detailed run down of all that Tandem has to offer. Start reselling dedicated servers today!