Introducing SingleHop Hosted Cloud Apps - “D’oh!”

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SingleHop Hosted Cloud Apps Homepage

Anyone who has been anywhere near a television over the past 20 years has probably at one time or another seen the hapless cartoon character Homer Simpson: “D’oh!”

That phrase may come to mind when you consider the logic of going beyond providing hosted infrastructure to also providing hosted applications.  “D’oh!”

While the super techies may find some joy and well-deserved sense of accomplishment in loading and configuring a collection of applications onto a newly deployed server, there are plenty of others who are more interested in simply acquiring the resources they need to run their business.

Not everyone wants to be a systems admin, or have to hire one. (We happen to love systems admins, but realize that plenty of small businesses out there have other demands on their limited resources.)

This is why SingleHop is delighted to be taking the next logical step in providing cloud-based solutions by introducing application hosting. At SingleHop we have always been into automation to provide our customers with the easiest pathway to the cloud, whether they wanted shared public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid deployments. We pride ourselves in providing the industry’s most intuitive and user-friendly experience for deployment and ongoing use of cloud-based resources. Now we’re adding applications to our solution set.

We’re partnering with Standing Cloud, a pioneer in automating installation and management of a wide range of apps, to offer our users a seamless integration and point-and-click ease of use in picking from a carefully crafted collection of more than 100 pre-configured applications and a wealth of ready-built solutions. Hosted apps include popular programs like:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • SugarCRM
  • OpenVBX
  • phpMyAdmin

And more than a hundred more. The SingleHop - Standing Cloud partnership also provides users with support for multiple programming languages, including:

  • Rails
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Python

And a wide range of cloud service providers and orchestration software systems.

StandingCloud Logo
StandingCloud Logo

The partnership means that you can approach the cloud from an application—rather than infrastructure—perspective. This means you can say: “I need WordPress” and behind the scenes you will also be provisioned with the cloud-based infrastructure to support the application. Our internal systems monitoring will automatically alert you if your traffic or other demands reach the point where additional RAM, CPUs, or other resources would be helpful.

Systems administration is simplified by the automated deployment and lifecycle management features that are built into the solution. You enjoy start-to-finish application management, including automated backups and notification of update availability. And earlier versions of an application are available in case you have plug-ins or custom code dependent upon specific versions of an application.

Whether you start off looking for infrastructure, or for an application, you will now be able to get it all with the same one-stop, point-and-click ease with which we created SingleHop.

We see this as a perfect solution for a small business looking to get something done, fast, with as little headache as possible. There’s no need to worry about infrastructure. No need to worry about application deployment, configuration, and management. There are no pay-per-user or pay-per-seat fees, and you control your data.

In fact, we are so excited about providing this complete solution set that, through the end of February  we are offering the service for free— forever. Yep. Sign up for application hosting before the end of February, and you can use any (or all) of those 100+ apps for free, forever. Yes, you’ll pay for the infrastructure, but start the app hosting before the end of February and we will never charge you for the hosted apps. That’s enough to make you go “D’oh!”