Introducing the SingleHop Community

A short while ago, Zak Boca, our beloved President, CEO and head Pug groomer, floated the idea of launching a community forum so that our customers can interact with each other (and ourselves) in an open-to-the-public medium. SingleHop is a family, and we have always striven to make that clear: We're more than just a faceless corporation that deals in the complex world of servers and datacenters, we're people too, and we like to talk to other people—especially our customers. We wanted more than just a place for people to post tutorials, but we know that's important, too.

In our office, not a single day passes where we don't joke around and enjoy each other's company as we work through the day. This is what makes us truly unique in the boring, bland corporate world and what gives our customers the five-star customer service they are used to. Indeed, our personality trickles into everything that we do, from our website design (what other company has green nerdy frogs all over their site?) to our e-mail and chat styles.

So, naturally, when Zak proposed a community forum, everyone got very excited. But we wanted more than just a forum where people can joke around and chat… we wanted to create a truly engaging message board where horseplay is acceptable, but serious business is done. The goal is to enable one customer to help another, to facilitate a meaningful symposium where SingleHop's staff is not always the teacher, but sometimes the student as well. In the end, we want to get work done and have fun doing it.

So, without further adieu, I am proud to introduce and announce the SingleHop Community. A place where you can chat with other SingleHop customers, interact with SingleHop employees and vote on the iPhone vs. HTC Desire, go ahead, tell us what your favorite Server Operating System is, and make sure to let everyone know what you use your SingleHop server for… We're curious!