The Holiday Miracle of IaaS

Working in an industry where just about everyone you meet could be or is a potential client, can get a bit tricky at times. It’s funny how many holiday party conversations I have found myself apart of over the past few weeks that have included, “So Kevin, what do you do?” (Which I think is pretty normal).  However, unless the inquirer works in the tech business,  “Oh, I work for dedicated and cloud web hosting company” is usually met with a confused look or a “ohhh, ok, that sounds like fun.” At which point I start raddling off the Cliffs Notes version of the web hosting industry between sips of eggnog.

I understand though, the average user clicks and clicks his/her way through their day and things just work. Apps just load, emails are just sent, and reports just run, like magic, right? Not quite.  So for all of you IT techs, system admins, developers, and programmers alike, I salute you and think of you every time I hear these comments!

At SingleHop we provide an extensive list of products and services for companies of all sizes.  We are a full Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider with nearly 10,000 servers in two different Chicago-land data centers. We are a leader in dedicated and cloud hosting which is exactly what I told a small business owner I recently met who had no idea our industry, let alone our company existed! He exclaimed “wait a minute, I could get rid all of the constant stress about our network going down or losing valuable data because I don’t know what I’m doing?” Yes sir, yes sir you can! He looked like he had just seen a holiday miracle right before his very eyes!

The NY Times recently ran a story about a Chicago-based business that nearly went under water, literally, but never feared losing data because they outsourced their servers. The lesson here is to get rid of those servers sitting in a dusty closet and let the professionals care for and run your IT operations!