Your Business and Our Infrastructure

Specialization. It’s everywhere. Think about it, how did you or the person behind you in line order your coffee this morning? “Grande, soy, dry, cap,” sound familiar? What happen to “I’ll take a large black coffee”?  This type of specialization stretches far beyond your corner coffee shop, I promise!

The chances are that your business has a specialization or a defining factor that separates it from your competitors.  Whether this is a product or service, your focus and main objective is to make sure it’s better than the rest, right? This is where we come in to play.  We want to make sure you get to spend as much time and energy on your product and/or service as humanly possible and less time, energy, and money  on worrying about hardware updates or network configurations.  This is one of our specialization offerings, Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

So what exactly is IaaS? Traditionally, IT infrastructure has been handled by internal IT departments which requires employees to physically install and configure each component and manage the datacenter or housing required to keep these systems online. This is a huge undertaking that comes at a high cost that will only continue to increase as technology continues to become more complex. IaaS outsources all these moving parts off site to a solutions provider like SingleHop.

There are some obvious benefits to leveraging Infrastructure-as-a-Service:

  • Decreased capital expenditures
  • Avoid writing big checks or getting into long term datacenter space contracts
  • Avoid the internal struggles to receive the appropriate amount of funding for such spending
  • Reduce in-house staffing and replace it with an automation platform

On the development and system integrators side of the business, IaaS is a huge strategic edge! Developers are able to spin up and spin down testing environments without again, waiting for a server to be shipped, or waiting for a datacenter tech to rack a server. Instead, they deploy these environments with literally a click of a button. This type if benefit also holds true with scalability…Does the application need more RAM? No problem. Need more disk space, again no problem!

As far as risk goes, there is less risk in temporarily using cloud resources as apposed to dropping thousands of dollars on a server that may not end up working as intended. At SingleHop, we utilize our own cloud infrastructure in these same ways. Developers are able to deploy test environments without even talking or requesting something through our tech or infrastructure teams. It is a huge time and money saver!

IaaS is growing in popularity because of its importance to the bottom line of nearly ever business. I can't actually think of a single business, whether in technology or not, that could not benefit from IaaS.  Currently 24% of large enterprises with cloud experience are already using IaaS, and an additional 37% are expected to adopt it within the next 2 years.  With the continuation of specialization across every industry, it’s important to leverage others’ specialization while improving your own.  After all, if your company manufactures widgets, you work on your widgets while we work on your IT infrastructure.