Infographic: Journey Through Attribution and Marketing Strategy

Buyers Journey Through Marketing Efforts InfographicThere are many things to consider when planning a cohesive cross-channel marketing strategy. Not only what to consider, but also when to consider it can be the key to success and getting optimum ROI on your marketing investments. These decisions and overall scope across channels can be overwhelming - even for the experienced marketer. This infographic is the culmination of taking a step back to review all of the high level options, including all key aspects of digital marketing (outbound and inbound). Holistic strategies may vary based on the focus (which will alter timing to a degree) and can be influenced heavily by the following: B2B vs. B2C, industries/verticals, products/services and audiences.

The 4 considerations below are all incorporated into the infographic. They are meant to be a visual guideline on one-page, side-by-side, to help simplify how to outline a new, or guide existing, marketing strategy development.

  1. Marketing Channels: Display, Organic, Social, eMail, Paid Search, Retargeting, Affiliate
  2. Attribution Touch Points:
    • Pre-conversion: First Touch (FT), Middle Touch/Assist (MT), Last Touch (LT)
    • Post Conversion: Upsell, Retention
  3. Buyer Process: Awareness, Consideration, Decision
  4. Content/Collateral: Interactive, Videos, Collateral (more detail below)

Which of the above have you considered in your overall strategy? What has worked and what has not?