Increasing your Bandwidth.

As we discussed earlier, your bandwidth capacity is one of the most important factors affecting the performance of your site. Buying the right amount of bandwidth will help ensure that your site remains functional and profitable, and in our last post, we talked about how to calculate the right amount of bandwidth for your site. The key, you may recall, is to calculate your average site traffic and buy enough bandwidth to handle your average usage and also cover potential spikes in traffic.

Occasional spikes are one thing, but even if you’ve planned appropriately, you may eventually find that your traffic is exceeding your bandwidth capacity. When that happens (actually, before that happens), it’s time to look at your options for increasing your bandwidth. There are different ways to increase your bandwidth, and the one you choose will depend on your specific needs.

If your average site traffic has increased significantly and your monthly usage is approaching the monthly limit for your hosting account, you can purchase additional capacity. Your monthly usage is something you should always keep an eye on, especially if your hosting plan provides a relatively low amount of bandwidth. Some hosting providers might give you 100 GB or 1 TB of bandwidth per month, then charge you a $1 to $5 fee for each gigabyte you use in excess of that limit. At SingleHop, all our plans include at least 10 TB of monthly transfer, which tends to be enough even for sites with heavy traffic, but you can always add more.

If your site isn’t close to exceeding its monthly bandwidth limit, but you are experiencing performance problems due to large, short-term spikes in traffic, you can boost your site’s performance by using higher-capacity network cards and datacenter switches. This essentially gives you a wider pipe so that traffic continues to flow even at peak periods, without changing the monthly bandwidth limit for your account. SingleHop offers 10MB, 100MB, and 1000MB switches, which provide more than enough power for even our busiest customers. In fact all of our servers, save the Atom, are powered by 100MB uplinks standard. That's right you get 100MB uplinks standard.

If you are a SingleHop customer, enjoy! If you are looking for world-class hosting with extreme amounts of bandwidth and capacity, look no further than SingleHop.