A Message From Zak Boca on INAP Acquisition of SingleHop

Writing this letter marks an incredibly humbling and exciting moment for myself, as well as for the entire SingleHop family. Today is a major milestone in our history, as we’ve finalized our sale to INAP (NASDAQ: INAP), a leading provider of colocation, managed hosting, cloud and network services. The acquisition makes perfect operational and strategic sense, and in the days and weeks to come, I can’t wait to share what that will mean product-by-product, market-by-market.  

But today, I’d like to focus this news on the literally thousands of individuals who made the first chapters of SingleHop’s story possible: our customers, employees and partners.   

To our valued customers:

Around eleven years ago, well before “cloud” was common vernacular, my co-founder, Dan Ushman, and I saw an opportunity to disrupt the global IT space by leveraging automation to deliver infrastructure and managed services more efficiently and with greater reliability. We are where we are today because you’ve trusted us to support your businesses. Handing over management of your infrastructure is not a decision taken lightlywe understand that. Your income, the jobs you create and the innovation you deliver rests upon the services we provide. You’ve come to count on not just our network reliability, but also our Service First Support, the backbone of every solution we offer. And you should expect nothing less than that going forward. Our team’s focus on delivering an unparalleled service experience will remain front and center as we continue on with INAP.

What else can you expect? More data center locations, more services, bigger teams, and the growth engine of a public company. You have been asking us for new locations, and now we’ll be able to get you there, even faster. If you’re not familiar with INAP’s global footprint, check it out: http://www.inap.com/data-centers/data-center-locations/

To SingleHop team members (a.k.a. SingleHoppers):

This is the next chapter of our story and growth. You were instrumental to getting SingleHop to this point. Your talent and drive is what made the culture at SingleHop what it is today, and we expect that to carry into the big things you will do as part of INAP. We’re uniting with the 500-plus person team at INAP, and together we will adopt a bigger, faster, stronger view of things to come.

Never would I have imagined nailing it the way that we have. From our scrappy, bootstrapped beginning, to now supporting more than 3,000 clients, approximately 10,000 servers, and more than 150 employees, we’ve built a great business together. These things don’t “just happen.”

People say a picture says a thousand words. I think this one says much more than that.

INAP Acquires SingleHop

To our partners:

You will continue to contribute to our success in meaningful ways, and ours to yours. SingleHop’s partner ecosystem is one of the driving forces of our business, and we cherish the relationships we’ve built with each of you. We believe that with INAP’s global reach you will have an even stronger portfolio of services to fuel your growth. The acquisition will accelerate our ability to provide a more robust set of capabilities to your customers, helping you stay ahead of their IT journey.

Now that the deal is closed, it’s all about integration and growth. I’m staying on as the CMO of INAP and am excited to partner with Pete Aquino (CEO) and the rest of the executive team. Pete has built a strong and motivated team that will help take us all to the next level.

Thank you to my family, co-founder, teammates, partners, friends, shareholders and supporters.

Here’s to the next chapter,

Zak Boca

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Zak Boca
Zak Boca
CEO & Co-Founder

Boca has been an executive and entrepreneur in the infrastructure and web hosting space for more than 10 years. Prior to co-founding SingleHop, he co-founded and operated Midphase, a web hosting provider with over 160,000 cus...READ MORE

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