Ideas Reaches First Milestone

We officially released our community feedback site, SingleHop Ideas, back in mid-January. When we launched the community site, it was our hope that we could create a direct line of communication between our developers and our customers. Through talking to our customers we could ascertain their needs and develop features that catered to those needs.

I am happy to say that this week, Ideas hit a milestone. Earlier this week, we released our first community driven feature. User “Ben N.” submitted two-factor authentication as a possible feature. The community voted on the idea and before long the idea was submitted for development.

The victory of releasing two-factor authentication is twofold. Two-factor marks the first step towards industry-leading security for SingleHop. We have been developing an in-house roadmap for extreme security across our entire line of products, and two-factor is the first landmark on that roadmap.

However, two-factor also represents what can be accomplished when companies provide the customer community with an active line of communication and the trust to use it. As a company that believes strongly in transparency, the ability to work with customers in a forum format peels back the veil between development and clients creating an open environment for problem solving.

I am incredibly proud of everything that two-factor represents and I look forward to working with our amazing customer base in developing more features.