-- cPanel Updates Anyone?

Lately we have been doing everything we can to help out the open source community along the lines of mirroring linux distributions and providing faster spots to download kernel source, and our latest mirror addition is no exception!

Over the past few months SingleHop has been working closely with cPanel engineers in setting up a world-wide update mirror and as of yesterday, was put into rotation! Starting last night, all SingleHop cPanel dedicated servers that updated, did so from this server in nearly half the time.

Having this server on our network drastically trims down the cPanel update and provisioning time for all SingleHop customers and also adds another point of presence for anyone else who may install or update their cpanel server in the world.

A special thanks goes out to the entire cPanel team -- specifically Adam Wein and Scott O'Neil for their diligent work and coordinating with the SingleHop NOC in finalizing the newest member to the SingleHop Mirror List.