Radically honest hosting reviews are rare.

[Apparently Hostingthatsucks.com did not check their own advice, as their site is currently offline! Either way it was one of the most unique webhost review sites that we have ever come across.]

Today we found one of the most unique reviews on our company. If you are like many of us SingleHoppers, before you buy a new product (especially if it is expensive or you are going to be stuck with it for a bit) you search the web for negative and positive information. I know I did before switching from Blackberry to an Android phone, and being fully aware that the majority of individuals who are looking to purchase a dedicated server do the same, I tend to keep track of what the cyber-chatter about the hop looks like. We genuinely want to know when we are doing a good job, and even more, when we are not meeting our clients expectations.

The review that I found today was done by "Hostingthatsucks.com", a really neat site that claims to aggregate positive and negative comments on the web regarding webhosts- it scores each company based on the ratio between positive and negative comments as well as some apparent investigative reporting. According to their keyword search algorithm SingleHop passed with flying colors. In fact, they state that "Single Hop actually replies to their emails, responds to queries, doesn’t rip you off, and provides quality hosting." While this just scratches the surface of what we strive to achieve each and every day, we are glad that even when put to the ultimate web-chatter test, our brand, our product, and our hard-working people stand up to the challenge!

So next time you want seemingly honest and accurate reviews on a webhosting company, checkout www.hostingthatsucks.com they've got you covered.