Hosting Viral Videos? - SingleHop's got you covered!

Greetings and Happy New 2010 to all SingleHop clients and fans!

So, back in October (my birthday month) I had a fantastic surprise birthday party and was invited on a short trip to the Big Apple (NY) for the Halloween weekend. While the trip was phenomenal, I would have to say the highlight of the entire month was when I met and lunched with a world-renowned athlete while I was in the city.

Out of privacy, I will not disclose this person’s name, but during our comrade-ly lunch we discussed many aspects of our lives and interests, and I happened to learn that he was looking to launch a viral video and needed some pointers about the hosting side of things.  The video itself, intended to advertise a new fundraising venture, was not going to be large in size, but he was curious about hosting options.  After we exchanged numbers and bid our farewells with one another at the airport, I did not expect to ever hear from him again ... but was pleasantly mistaken, since the next afternoon I found myself discussing, with his private secretary, several solutions that could meet his hosting needs.

So, if you are wondering how a world-class viral video hosting solution would work (in a more private and quality-focused medium than YouTube), here are a few pointers:

First, there is no one set way to host a viral video; it really depends on the content and appeal to mass amounts of audiences that makes the vid popular. I already know someone who has successfully launched one viral video on YouTube that became such a sensation it was picked up and used for a South Park episode.  However, because this athlete's particular venture was for a fundraising event, YouTube was an unacceptable option because of its random pop-up ads and video quality inconsistencies.   Our solution to this was to host the main video on one of our secure dedicated servers and have a redundant solution on hand as a backup. In addition, was prepared and equipped to offer a CDN (Content Delivery Network) as one of the options for this viral video.  Because the main focus of the video was to get the word out there for large amounts of viewers all over the world, we were able to plan a custom solution that would allow millions of viewers to access the video. A CDN strategically uses several servers in different locations to store and deliver data in a much more efficient way, and also provides connectivity to many more users as opposed to just one fixed, dedicated solution. Because of this, though, the bandwidth usage for a CDN is billed differently than our normal packages, and it's more costly.

Although my athletic friend has long since placed this viral video project on hold, he certainly was pleased to see that SingleHop had options and technical knowledge to get the job done in a quick and timely manner.  This is why I feel excels in the webhosting industry:  because we offer high-quality available solutions with the customer service and technical support that people want and need.   And to think ... I probably would never have gotten his phone number had I not mentioned work during our lunch. :)