Hosted Private Clouds Provide Flexibility for Special Projects

Our new eBook, 4 Economic Benefits of Hosted Private Cloud, highlights the differences between a hosted private cloud and an on-premise private cloud, as well as several operational benefits afforded by the hosted variety. In this blog, let’s explore the question: Why are Hosted Private Clouds ideal for special projects and just-in-time deployments?  

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Managing Special Projects Before Cloud

Justifying the expense for on-premises hardware to run an application that will only be needed for a few months or less can be difficult. The traditional process of acquiring new infrastructure in-house involves research, procurement, rack and stack, configuring, testing, documenting and training users. This can typically take several months depending on the scale of the project and size of the organization. IT teams usually have to factor in growth and upgrades over the project life-cycle, which can lead to overestimating or underestimating resource requirements resulting in waste or not enough capacity if the requirements change or growth calculations are just a little bit off.

The Cloud Solved Everything, Right?

Both public and private clouds have enabled organizations to purchase infrastructure more efficiently than the traditional capital investment required for on-premise solutions. The ability to deploy and scale on-demand (in minutes as opposed to hours, weeks or days) is a distinct advantage of the public cloud for use cases like development and testing or highly unpredictable workloads. If your special project will only last a few hours or weeks, a public cloud could be the right choice.

Hosted Private Clouds Provide Flexibility for Special Projects

For special projects that will last a month or longer, however, a hosted private cloud can be a much better choice for maximizing your ROI. SingleHop Hosted private clouds can scale on-demand providing significant benefits to IT teams by providing a just-in-time approach to capacity planning and resource provisioning. The additional economic benefit of rightsizing your applications solves the challenge of over estimating resource requirements and budgetary surprises often found in public cloud deployments as discussed in my last post, Cloud Rightsizing is the Key to Keeping IaaS Spend In Check.”

When deploying applications in a hosted private cloud, businesses can confidently size for today knowing that they can scale tomorrow if needed. By coupling a private cloud environment that is rightsized to meet the needs of the project with a just-in-time approach to investment in compute resources, organizations can maximize their ROI.

The Cloud Architects at SingleHop are experts in helping clients with special projects, assessing applications and rightsizing solutions. We’d love to hear from you. Get Started with a Free Private Cloud Architecture Consultation and Migration.

eBook: 4 Economic Benefits of Hosted Private Cloud

In this free eBook: What is hosted private cloud, when to use it, and its four major economic benefits.

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