Hosted Applications: Security Combined with Simplicity

The needs of a small or medium sized business with expectations for rapid growth usually incorporate three main factors: security, scalability and simplicity. Think about it. A small business typically lacks the necessary resources to build out real infrastructure. Those limited resources are centered around both the required personnel and cash flow to implement what is required to take the next step; but the need remains nonetheless. They are looking to transition up market, but are hamstrung by lack of personnel to implement and/or software and infrastructure limitations.

Even given those challenges, the needs for both functionality and scalability, measured with a heavy dose of security are key to doing business in the digital age. Most small and medium sized companies that do business online today require ecommerce and CRM solutions and with those transactions there comes the inherent risk with security. So what is a small business to do?

The first move might be to consider hosted applications. Hosted applications such as Drupal (Content Management System), Magento (ecommerce Software), and SugarCRM (Customer Relationship Management) as hosted applications are inherently more secure than installing locally. There are many other benefits for a cost conscious business. The need for building out solid infrastructure is diminished through cloud based apps, which also allow for more flexibility as a business grows. Redundancy is built-in and back-ups are automated saving time and money, while also providing for peace of mind. Here are some more reasons to consider hosted applications as your company grows:

  • Security: Updated, backed-up, hardened and locked down
  • Private/Controlled: Own your own data
  • Cost Effective: No SaaS style fees, such as licensing fees with popular CRMs
  • Ease of Use: Integrated into your system and no tech knowledge or personnel required
  • Efficient: Deploys quicker than configuring your own applications

Check out SingleHop’s offerings through our hosted application platform, Hosted Cloud Apps or browse our Hosted Cloud Application Catalog. We can help you each step of the way are your business grows.