Heading to Europe . . . Say Hello to Our New Amsterdam Data Center

The big news around here is that we've just opened our fourth data center—this one located in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has beautiful canals, and legendary coffee shops  . . . But we were attracted to its position as a global Internet center.

Ahhh! Amsterdam! What a city! It’s called “Venice of the North” for good reason with its 165 canals (about 15 more than Venice) and about 90 islands. Trees and tulips,  and all sorts of other beauties and charms that have made the city a center for trade and commerce for centuries.

For us though, the top attraction was Amsterdam’s role as a global nexus for Internet traffic. The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) is one of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world. The AMS-IX reflects Amsterdam’s historic significance, with its hub proximity to London, Paris, Berlin, and Copenhagen.  That same hub proximity will serve our customers well—those in Europe, as well as those in the United States and Canada.

This European data center solidifies our commitment to building a truly global network. With demand for hosted infrastructure and cloud computing growing quickly in Europe, this facility helps position us to satisfy this demand with our award-winning automated approach to infrastructure hosting that can have clients up and running in minutes.

While we opened our Amsterdam Data center to meet growing demand from value-added resellers, hosting providers, and SMBs around the world, we’ve also found strong interest from our North American customers. Demand from this side of the Atlantic comes from organizations with global operations, seeking the proximity of a European data center, as well as from customers seeking a geographically removed site for disaster recovery.

The new 2,000-server facility expands our server capacity by about 20%. The facility will replicate the entire SingleHop technology platform found at our U.S. locations, as well as replicate the security features of our U.S. data centers,

with biometric physical access controls, individually locking cabinets and 24-hour security.   In addition, the Amsterdam data center will be powered by our award-winning LEAP3 platform, giving customers complete control over their infrastructure, regardless of data center location, from any smart phone or computer.

The new data center will offer both dedicated servers and managed services covered by our SingleHop Customer Bill of Rights SLA, which guarantees service quality, customer service response times, network stability and much more. You  can choose to deploy SingleHop’s services at either of its two Chicago area data centers, as well as from Phoenix or Amsterdam.

You’ll need a ship or plane to visit Amsterdam, but with LEAP, the good stuff is just a click away.