Headed to Bean Town; HostingCon 2012

HostingCon begins today in Boston and SingleHop will be in attendance for all the week's festivities. As one of the bigger web hosting conferences in the United States, we are excited to get to the expo and check out all that is going on.

At this year's conference be sure to come check us out as we have several of our brightest giving presentations. Sam Bowling,one of our Senior System Administrators will be speaking on the importance of using backups. His speech will be held on Wednesday at two p.m. in the Technology Room. Sam will discuss how you can prioritize your backup policies, implement monitoring of your backups and also touch base on how long various backup technologies take to restore after incident.

Our co-founder and CMO, Dan Ushman, will be speaking as well on panel discussions this year. He will be lending his expertise on SaaS and ISV leaders in the web hosting industry.  That discussion will be Tuesday, July 16 at two o'clock.

With around 80 thousand square feet of expo space, this year's HostingCon event promises to be a fun filled conference.  With some of the top names in the hosting industry in attendance, including SingleHop, it will be a great chance to see all the new technologies that are coming out, and the future of the web hosting industry.  We look forward to seeing you there!