Growing by Leaps and Hops

The past year here at SingleHop has been one to remember.  We have seen a rapid growth in business, a move to a bigger office, we’ve brought in over 20 new employees, and we opened our third data center in Phoenix just a few months ago.  We couldn’t be more excited about the future of SingleHop, and we can’t thank our customers enough for all the support and trust they have showed us over the years.

The SingleHop team has been extremely busy expanding our network to support this exponential customer growth, and we welcome the challenge!  The driving factor for this growth stems from the customer demand for new services and servers.

With the new server deployments we’ve also had to increase our network to support this growth.  We have seen a recent spike in our switch deployment, servers, ARIN IP allocations, and our bandwidth usage.  For switch deployments as of June 2011, we had 420 installed, since that time we have seen an extra 180 installed in the network.

As of June 2011 we also had 9,498 servers installed and since that day we have installed another 4,320.

Our IP allocations have grown from 185,326 at June 2011 with another 69,622 added since then.

And lastly, our bandwidth usage has gone from 27.59 Gbit/s as of June 2011 to 58.253 Gbit/s since the same time last year.

As you can see, there has been a tremendous increase in customer demand the past year, and it continues to grow.  Our bandwidth capacity has also been increased since June 2011, adding an additional 60 Gbit/s to the previous 74 Gbit/s we had.

As we grow with our customer base, we are dedicated to making sure we have the proper technology and products to accommodate everyone.  This means not only spending time developing new products, but also working hard to improve the products we already offer.  With this amount of size and growth, we are really excited to see what the next year has in store for SingleHop and our customers.