Great Customer Service Attracts Clients to SingleHop

Quality customer service is hard to come by these days in any sales type atmosphere, including web hosting.  I cannot count how many times I’ve been left on hold, listening to the dreadful elevator music, waiting for an actual person to speak with.  Not to mention, when a person finally gets on the line, they usually seem very annoyed to talk with me, as if my cable box not working is my fault and I should deal with it myself.  So when great customer service comes along, it is really something that you want to hold onto, and luckily SingleHop has just that.

No one knows that more than Patti Boquist, a former SingleHop client, who came back to us because of the customer service.  According to Patti, SingleHop’s customer service is second to none.

“I need someone I can rely on,” Patti said.  “I don’t know anything about servers, and the support at SingleHop is so knowledgeable and timely; it is fantastic to talk to people who know exactly what they are talking about.”

Patti makes her living as an online retailer, so a dependable web hosting company is something she knows is key to her success.

“I wouldn’t say I present a normal business model.  I make jewelry and sale online, I’ve been an online business seller since 2005, but mostly through ebay, until I built my own site, so a dependable web hosting provider is my number one priority.”

Her website,, allows consumers to browse not only her products, but also display their own for sale over the internet.

Patti was a SingleHop customer before, but left due to pricing.  As a new business owner, her income wasn’t yet established, but at the time she didn’t realize she could work with SingleHop on pricing.

SingleHop Sales Manager, Kyle Kinder, said he was happy to work with Patti to deliver the right product for the right price.

“We were able to customize a package for her,” Kinder said.  “The great thing is, as her business grows, she will be able to easily add to her services down the road.”

“Kyle is absolutely awesome,” Patti said.  “The support is just as great.  What else can you do but show appreciation for people when they do their job, and do it in a gracious and easy to get a hold of manner.”

To Patti, great customer service is even worth paying a little more.  The reliability she receives with SingleHop’s backups, and around the clock customer service, help her sleep at night.  Patti said she is proud to be back with the SingleHop family.

“You don’t know what a sinking feeling it is to wake up and find your site down, it’s really troubling when you rely on a site for your income, I don’t have that problem with SingleHop.”

SingleHop has made it a mission to provide the best customer service possible.  With features such as LiveChat, and the Customer Bill of Rights, SingleHop has managed to give clients something many other companies cannot, a peace of mind.