Google Chrome + LEAP

Google announced it's anticipated browser, Google Chome, yesterday, and then quickly pulled it offline. Today they finally released it, and we were all anxious to try it out. Our developers of course, were anxious to see how it rendered LEAP. (screenshot attached below)

We were all very impressed with how fast Chrome rendered LEAP. Windows inside of LEAP can be manipulated quite a bit faster, and this appears to be exactly what Google was trying to accomplish (well, one of the items). The key takeaway from the launch is that Google has engineered Chrome for how people use the Web in 2008, which is to run applications like Google Docs, Gmail, and LEAP.

To accomplish this, Google built a new javascript engined dubbed V8 that is specifically designed for better performance of these applications, which is consistent with Googles take (and many others) on how software will be managed through browsers.

I'm personally impressed with Chrome. I'm an OSX guy, so I was a little discouraged to see that Google only released the Windows version, though there is plenty of reasoning behind that. Priorities..